Julia Krasnicka

About me


Traveler, explorer, coach, scrum master. In love with life. Lived in 5 countries. Fascinated with Asia, big fan of yoga. Passionate about teaching and empowering others. Enthusiast of foreign languages. Believes that everything is possible.

Scrum Master

I am enthusiastic to support the teams' development in the spirit of agile values. I wish to help teams understand and become friends with scrum. I believe teamwork and mutual trust should be a base of every initiative which aims to deliver a real value. I believe that there is no failure, only feedback. And that all the mistakes we should take as lessons which let us for continuous improvement and progress.

Language Coach

I'm an author of innovative language learning method. Passionate about teaching foreign languages and showing others that it is possible to learn a new language even without so called "language talent".

Project Manager

I am a Project Manager with positive energy and will for endless improvement. I have over 5 years of experience in project management which has given me good insight into successful teamwork with multinational teams and project delivery.

My values


I am determined to look for new solutions and not to give up


I put my heart in what I do


I value people and quality relationships

Continous improvement

I am concentrated on improvement and self-development.

Life facts


I freely communicate in 4 languages


I lived and studied/ worked in 5 countries


I collaborated with people from 87 countries.

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Others about me:

Julia is an amazing woman, full of passion and positive energy. Always open for new ideas and initiatives. She is a great leader with ability to work in multinational teams. She showed a high level of effectiveness and emotional intelligence. Julia is a person who is always ready to help others and face the most challenging tasks. She works well under pressure of time and knows how to deal with stress. Julia will find a way to weather any storm with a smile.
Magdalena Antoniewicz
CEO, Polska Akademia Rozwoju
Julia is a great manager who takes care not only about self-development but also about development of people around her. She is always ready to help, happy to give advice and share her knowledge. Cooperation with Julia was a real pleasure.
Dariusz Wenda
CEO, Modern Way Partners
It was fantastic to work together with Julia. Wise, intelligent, and well educated person who can be trusted. Julia provided outstanding results. Give her the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and she will get them done. Ambitious and independent. She denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for both her personal & professional development. I certainly would recommend her.
Aleksandra Popiel
Head of Operations, Cyberwolves